Thursday, 9 July 2020

2cy Arctic Tern!

Light breezes with fewer showers than expected.

Red Nab early afternoon - flooding tide (PM)
Common Tern - 4 adult settled
Arctic Tern - 1 adult, plus 1 2nd calendar year (2cy very rare in Europe)
Mediterranean gull 
Adult 5
3cy x1
2cy x 1
It was likely that some had already flown off.

Outflows early evening - ebbing tide (MD)
I went down early to watch the beach between the outflows become exposed - hoping for yesterday’s darvic ringed adult Mediterranean to return. The only Meds that turned up today were these 2cy and 3cy birds.

Plenty of juvenile Black-Headed gulls around, some well on their way into moult to first winter plumage.

Whimbrel - at least 3, probably 5 or more.
Grey seal 1