Friday 27 July 2012

The last of the overnight moth madness?

Heysham Obs
Its been a moth week when, despite traps being emptied and checked from the early hours, the identification and documentation has seriously 'crept' into work time!

Despite the rather late check at 0830hrs (in sunny conditions), with the predictable downturn in flighty geometrids which had presumably made their escape in the earlier morning sun, the trap was still heaving.  After an hour of checking and chucking out, 62 Straw Underwing topped the bill which was again devoid of real 'show-stoppers', but did include Grass Emerald making a welcome first appearance, Dun-bar also new of the year and one or two relatively scarce species in the form of Dingy Shears, Dingy Footman and Blackneck

Outfalls/Red Nab
Very heat-hazy afternoon check with the tide not really far enough in

Little Gull - adult easy to find with its conspicuously black head
Med Gull - 1 x 2CY and 2 x Ad in the heathaze, could have been more
No terns seen