Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ovipositing red-veined darter

Heysham Obs
Subsequent to writing the post below, I have received a very strong complaint from a reasonable and tolerant individual over the behaviour of a single male with four dogs this morning.  He had a small one on a lead with a lurcher type, St Bernard type and another large dog all charging about through the shallow water either side of the spit.  This person with the dogs is apparently "difficult to engage with" - a not uncommon event with individuals with dogs behaving like this.  The dogs were also swimming after the swans and cygnets.  Any further info on this gentleman will be treated confidentially.  Thanks.

Perhaps the same female Red-veined Darter glimpsed a couple of days ago was in cop with a male today and then seen ovipositing.  The problem is that ideal shallow water and associated sensitive habitat in-between the spit and the western shore is invaded by large bathing dogs churning the whole place up on a daily basis (comment re-trying to reason with these people deleted).  Please do keep having a go at them politely if you are nearby.  Thanks.  There is no obvious problem allowing dogs to bathe by the swan feeding area near the car park & bench

Middleton model boat pond
Red-veined Darter - action from about midday - all in feeding over the water routine as they first appeared and there was a minimum of 7 males and one ovipositing female (usually in tandem)
Common Darter - at least one teneral - watch out for these at the water edge in the next few days complicating i.d.
Four-spotted Chaser - 6
Black-tailed Skimmer - 8+
Emperor - 3

Heysham NR
First second brood Comma of the year

Outfalls/Red Nab
Med Gull - 11 2CY, 5 3CY, 5 adult, one juvenile.  About half of these examined for rings and one adult possessed R13E - we've had this before and I think it is Polish - will check tomorrow (Tuesday)
BEWARE a runt 2CY Black headed gull!

No moths of interest in a very late trap check.  Thanks to Arthur Pennington for locating the female Red-veined Darter in cop and John McCague for stuff from Heysham NR and Mark Prestwood for the late info on additional Meds & the darvic-ringed bird