Friday 26 June 2015

3CY Little Gull new in

Heysham Obs
A 3CY Little Gull was new in on the seaward end of Heysham one outfall but it seemed to be 'as you were' with the Meds with just a few of the longer stayers around

The office toilet moth trap was again on form with 2 x Heart and Club doubling the grand total in two nights and Silky Wainscot an unusual wanderer from the wetlands

Outfalls area low tide
Med Gull - 1 x ad, 1 x 3CY, 2 x 2CY (one with black head)
Little Gull - 1 x 3CY still in summer plumage
Little Ringed Plover - one alarm calling from within the power station between Red Nab and Heysham Two.  Interesting!

Notable/new for the year were: 2 x Heart and Club (neither the previous night's individual re-visiting), 1 x Green Pug, 1 x Map-winged Swift, 1 x Eana osseana,  1 x Silky Wainscot, 1 x Light Emerald, 1 x P coronata, 1 x Double Dart with Shoulder-striped Wainscot top of the pile at 27