Sunday 28 May 2023

The breeze switches to the east......Insect time

A light east wind all day, mainly sunny but hazy at times.

Middleton Nature Reserve (Janet)
These are the bushes at the NW corner of the main pond where a Cetti's Warbler has been singing for the last few weeks. Janet caught its song in this clip.

Shelduck 2
Burnet Companion and Janet's boot!

Brimstone butterfly just to the NE of the reserve

South shore (MD)
An east wind, sunshine and the tide out usually means the south sea wall acts as an insect migration path, and always worth a check. I had a look early afternoon (later would probably have been better, but I didn't have the time today)
Dragonfly 1 in off then east along the wall. Some distance off but looked to be a 4 spotted chaser.
Small Tortoiseshell 3
Small White 1

Loads of beetles:
At least 10 Devil's Coach Horse

I'll add identification to the following later (I clearly don't know! But I know a lady who probably does - see post 6/06/23 for more information)

This seven spot Ladybird has a smaller beetle on its back 

Near the kissing gate just behind Red Nab was a Large Skipper. It is impossible to know if this had come in or has emerged here. Either way it is the first one this year.
Large Skipper

Rock Pipit 3 - one adult stood above the lighthouse nest site. Two more adult close by both calling, but none of the birds was carrying any food.
Linnet 6 between lighthouse and waterfall 
Kittiwake 1 x 2nd calendar year on their pipe in the harbour