Sunday, 20 December 2020

Brent numbers increase.....incrementally

The wind had moved round to SW. Some sunshine and heavy showers.

Another Grey Wagtail recovery - see scheme details on side bar to the right.


Ringed  1st W          Middleton NR, nr Heysham, Lancs   10/09/2020

Photo. Priorslee Flash, Telford, Shropshire SJ7110  20/12/2020  153km SSE

Thanks to Edwin Wilson for this picture and Martin Grant for facilitating the report

Kittiwake 2 adult behind the afternoon ferry.

Heysham Skeer - low water 09:40
No Knot today, presumably the Peregrine got there before I did.
Eider c40
Great Crested Grebe 2
Pale-bellied Brent 12 (previous high count this winter was 11) Feeding in the SE corner of skeer at low water. I don't know if they moved up to the children's play area with the tide, but they didn't get as far as Red Nab.
This shot shows all 12, including the Canadian ringed birds

This is a close up of the ringed birds
Red V Blue T = VTRB plus VDRB

As I was leaving there was a rainbow. I got all arty again (I think the social isolation is finally getting to me! (MD))
All 12 Brent feeding in a rainbow's reflection 

Middleton Nature Reserve - early afternoon 
Just a quick check of the "no swimming" pond
Wildfowl as yesterday except now 2 male Tufted and 5 Shoveller (4 male)
All seems amicable in the Shoveller society today.