Monday, 13 July 2020

More signs of autum

Gentle westerlies, rain early on then mainly overcast

South shore - mid afternoon - flooding tide (MD)
Whimbrel - at least 1 calling from Red Nab - roosting with 100+ Curlew
Arctic Tern 1 2nd calendar year on seaward side of No.1 outflow.
Common Tern - at least 4 adults, more if they were not alternating between the two outflows.
This picture nicely shows the classic plumage features.

Mediterranean gull - some roosting on beach, some on Red Nab. I normally woefully undercount this species, but even I managed 5 adult (or 3cy) plus 7 x 2nd calendar year.
Some have started their autumn moult.

Middleton Nature Reserve overnight moth trap (PM)
Notable species included:
Grass emerald