Monday 19 November 2018


This was a real bonus and once again a product of scanning for seaduck from Knowlys Road - this time from the main section.  A first winter calling on top of a hawthorn bush bordering the horse field at the inland end before following after three Starlings which flew over houses on the south side of the road.  No further sign but a big area with berries!
Common Scoter - flock now 6 female/imms
Green Woodpecker - 1 Middleton
Redwing - I grounded Middleton
Middleton NR
Not sure what's happened, but Gadwall now favouring main pond. Can't think it's the result of recent landscaping, and Mute on "no swimming" are not bothering the remaining ducks.  No dragonflies.
Main pond
9 Mute (including 3 x 1cy)
24 Gadwall
4 Mallard
2 Moorhen
No Swimming pond
2  Mute
2 Gadwall
2 Shoveler
1 Tufted
6 Teal
1 Coot
6 Moorhen
Tim Butler
1 Teal (almost certainly more in reeds)
2 Moorhen