Monday 20 July 2020

Little Egret puzzler

The cool westerly wind continues, mainly sunny.

Beach near wooden jetty
Mediterranean gull - Two checks, morning (MD) and evening (JR).
08:00 adult 11, 3cy 2, 2cy 1
18:00 adult 17, juvenile 1
All the birds on both occasions were just resting, none feeding.

Middleton Nature Reserve late afternoon (MD)
Mute swan. Two pairs with 3 and 4 cygnet, plus 5 additional adult 
Coot 6
Moorhen 6
Mallard 21
Little Grebe 3
Little egret 1
House Martin 5
Swallow feeding all over the reserve at least 16
Swift 4 in afternoon at least 6 in a brief evening check

Darter 1 mature male - too brief to confirm species.

I saw the Little Egret on the other side of the main pond. The coot family passing in front of it, so took this snap.

Just after this it flew off. I then noticed on the pictures that its legs were yellow 
My first thoughts were Cattle Egret but Pete and Dan confirmed that it was a juvenile Little Egret. I didn't know that juveniles had yellow legs (I do now MD). Anyway, it's the first one I've seen.