Monday, 22 June 2009

Webs rush round & CES & a few insects

Heysham Obs
No Black Guillemot at high tide in calm weather
One 2CY Med on the remnants of Red Nab
Swift - c40 between HNR & Middleton but swirling around rather than moving

6 young Dunnocks, an unringed female Lesser Whitethroat & even more surprising, an unringed male Bullfinch

Reasonable catch included Small-clouded Brindle, Rivulet, Double Dart, Map-winged Swift and the micro Eucosma campolilana

Red-veined darter - 3 males on the model boat pond early afternoon - one on the rather windy eastern side & two on the more sheltered western edge

3 Green Sandpiper Aldcliffe area