Sunday 26 June 2022

21 Meds plus Gannets.

A very strong SSE to SSW wind. Overcast all day with some heavy showers 

South shore
Sightings by Shaun:
Gannet 7 milling about in the bay
Mediterranean gull 21 on outflows (14 adult/3cy plus 7 x 2cy)

I went to check the high water roosts (MD). Most of the Meds had already moved on, those that remained were hunkered down against the wind.
This is Red Nab, there are two adult a 3rd calendar year and a 2nd calendar year Med in this clip.

Wader species increased to three with the return of a solitary Redshank joining the Oystercatchers and rapidly increasing Curlew numbers.
Redshank on saltmarsh 

Hopefully more stuff tomorrow.