Sunday 31 May 2015

Seawatching cameo

Heysham Obs
At last a seawatch which over-achieved, albeit just a half-hour session possible as the wind edged fractionally back to the west and increased.  Possibilities the next couple of days, including incoming tide in the evening for e.g. Manxies..............but where are the dedicated seawatchers with time?

North wall 0730-0840 (murk and the initial stages of clearance) (Mark), 0840-0900 (nowt as the immediate post-clearance had too much NW), 0940-1010 (surprisingly good) (Pete)
Arctic Skua - light morph out at 0830, ?same in close inshore at 0948, dark morph distantly in at 1004
Great Skua (Bonxie) - one out very close inshore, including over the wooden jetty 0954
Manx Shearwater - flock of three in at 0949
Gannet - 11 in Mark's session, 2 more 0955, one behind iom ferry
Razorbill -singleton in, close inshore at 1000
Fulmar - one behind iom ferry (at last!)

Grey Seal 1005 off north wall