Sunday, 26 June 2011

Autumnal signs

Heysham Obs
The Middleton CES was like a session in mid-July rather than the beginning of the last week of June.  Young Sedge Warblers, usually still in their nappies in late June, were ready to get their passports stamped, young Blackcaps had started to wander into the wetland area and the capture of half a dozen moulting adult Willow Warbler was also  unexpected.  Then you remember that everything arrived rather earlier than usual in April.............

Middleton NR
Siskin - one south at 0840 was the only evidence of 'vis'
CES ringing produced: Blue Tit (4 juv), Willow Warbler (1 juv, 6 adult), Chiffchaff (1 juv), Whitethroat (2 juv, 2 adult), Blackcap (3 juv), Reed Warbler (3 adult), Sedge Warbler (5 juv, 4 adult), Grasshopper Warbler (2 juv)

Ocean Edge/Red Nab
Very distant flock of waders included:
Grey Plover - 30, mainly in full summer plumage
Dunlin - c25
small wader spp - another 30 or so
Med Gull - adult and 3CY, but too late in the (dropping) tide cycle