Saturday 11 September 2021

Black and White news

Quite a fresh west breeze. Mainly overcast with showers, but the sun broke through occasionally.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Rosemary and Peter Silvester spotted this female Black Darter on 8th September. They are uncommon here, as far as I can tell, the last record was 18/07/17
Female Black Darter
This is a high resolution picture, best viewed by opening it.

It wasn't really a dragonfly day today, I had a look round just after lunch (MD).
Emperor 2
Brown Hawker 1
Migrant Hawker 3
Common Darter 15

Cetti's warbler 1 male singing from the "no swimming" pond

South shore
I just paid a quick visit to the beach, where Pontins used to be, at high water, accessible by the public footpath on the south side of Ocean Edge.
Wheatear 2
Redshank c180

White Wagtails - There was a feeding flock of 8-9 White/Pied Wagtail. The only males seen were 3 White, unfortunately I can only really pick the adult males, but I suspect that the whole group were White (MD)
 Adult Male White Wagtail 

Another adult male White Wagtail, foreground 
Another bird, not an adult male, upper left.

This is the best clip that I managed of some of the group 

This is the Kestrel that hunts over the saltmarsh as it is being covered. By this time it was already covered so it moved further inland to hunt, revealing itself to be a female or a juvenile.