Thursday, 11 June 2020

More observers, but still not much to observe

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid morning
Mute Swan - still 7 "interlopers" being held at bay by the resident male on the main pond
Meanwhile mum and the chicks seem to be enjoying themselves

Pair on "no swimming" pond with three young.
The male continues to harrass the mallard with her growing chicks

Coot - a pair with one quite mature chick on main pond. That is three breeding pairs this year, unless the pair from the Tim Butler have brought a chick to main pond
Little grebe 1
Stock Dove 2
The low meadow between the main and Tim Butler ponds is worth a visit, lots of meadow flowers and attendant insects (especially when it's warmer).
Including several Ragged- Robin plants
A fine testament to the reserve management work. (Q. How do you manage a meadow? A. You mow it every year)

Red Nab and surrounding shore approaching high water.
Curlew 126
Black-headed Gull 66
Common Gull 68
Little Egret 3
Rock Pipit 1 adult

Tide not high enough to flood the area were the fingerling bass were feeding yesterday.

Janet checked the high cliffs below Heysham Head. No sign of the Rock Pipits today, but two recently fledged Wren were being fed
Troglodytes troglodytes - the only Latin bird name I know, and quite apt here (MD)