Tuesday 18 July 2023

More Meds and more passing terns

A heavy early shower, followed by light rain till late morning when the heavier persistent rain began. A light southerly wind.

South shore (MD)
I went down late morning toward high water, the promised heavy rain was, just about, holding off.
Mediterranean gulls 56 absolute minimum, probably many more. There were at least 27 on Red Nab, including 2 juvenile. Later there were 54 on the shore out from the saltmarsh, but no juvenile. Unfortunately, only one was was ringed and that had been read earlier this year.
Yesterday's new bird was ringed as a nestling in Belgium in 2018. It first visited Heysham as a juvenile that year, and was seen again in 2020. In between it has been seen in France, Belgium and Portugal.

This Great Black-Backed gull was also resting on the shore

It had been drizzling since I set off, but you could see the more serious rain approaching.
Dark clouds coming in over the new Isle of Man ferry (Manxman)

Common Tern 3 together passed overhead and continued south calling all the while. Unfortunately my camera was set for trying to pick out gull ring details, not for passing terns.
It was easier to get out my old camera, at least it has a much better sound pick up. This clip isn't great and only shows one of the terns, but you can hear the others.
After that the promised heavy rain fulfilled its promise, it was time to leave.

Little Egret 3
Grey Heron 1
Sand Martin 1 south
Rock Pipit 2 - one on foreshore and this one feeding along the tide line on east side of saltmarsh.

Janet has just returned from her holiday and visited a wet Middleton early this morning.......and saw some wet insects:

Buff-tailed Bumblebee