Wednesday 27 June 2012

At least one is surviving

Heysham Obs
The gloom and doom over wetland birds and breeding success was contradicted in one instance by Janet's pic taken today:

Confession time: forgot to check the gulls on the outfalls, and this after mentioning the rejuvenation of Heysham One outfall - not good enough!

Once you can find them, Four-spotted Chasers are quite obliging as the weather has semi-torpified them of late.  Still have not seen an Emperor this year or indeed Black-tailed Skimmer which should be showing anytime now in a 'normal' year

The moth trap was quite productive but no show-stoppers, other than perhaps a late Shaded Pug.  Smoky Wainscot made its first appearance of the year and I think Buff Arches and Peach Blossom were also new for the year.  Should be even better tonight - at the moment it looks the first decent 'summer moth night' and the chance of the biggest haul in a local trap since March, or was it February at Millhouses!!

Thanks to Janet for today's pics (both taken today)