Saturday 23 May 2020

Easing off slightly

The strong winds moved a bit more to the west and eased slihtly during the day. Early seawatching from jetty by Shaun. Other sea records from various locations at Heysham (PM, JP & MD)

Artic Skua LM out.
RTDiver 2 in
Manx shearwater 12 in.
Gannet 5 out.
Guillemot 5 out.
Common Scoter 4 in.

Other morning records:
Fulmer 1
Gannet 18 distant and 3 very close
Sanderling 5 out
Grey Plover flock of 14 out
Mediterranean gull 2 x 2nd calendar year. One with a dusky head is new to area.
This bird was seen by three observers in different (south side) locations today.

Arctic tern one initially on No.2 outflow, later switched to No.1.

These excellent pictures by Janet are incredibly difficult in the teeth of a gale!

Afternoon/evening records
Sandwich tern - 15:15 - 16:15 a steady drift of birds out 1,2,1,2,4,1 & 1
The last one hung around the inner harbour 

Terns 5 around outflows late evening in fading light, probably Arctic.

Other stuff
Rock pipits 1 at lighthouse plus 1 on saltmarsh
Wheatear 1 male in morning on salt marsh plus 1 female in Fishers yard in afternoon