Monday 3 July 2023

At least some of the south side Rock Pipits have been successful

The west wind eased a little, light rain (although it didn't feel "light" in the wind) in the morning, long sunny spells after lunch.

South Shore (MD, JP, KE)
Rock Pipit 7 minimum. There was one standing guard over the lighthouse nesting area. Another halfway between the lighthouse and the waterfall with a bill full of grasshoppers.
This one clearly has large youngsters to feed somewhere 
There were another 5 between Red Nab and the foreshore slipway. One was definitely feeding at least one youngster, probably two.
This is the one collecting food for its fledged youngsters 

This one narrowly escaped being swept off this rubble

Linnet 14 between the lighthouse and saltmarsh 
Linnet on Red Nab

Mediterranean gull 26 - a morning count on the rising tide totalled 8 adult, 17 first summer and 1 second summer. But many were feeding on both outflows all day. This is one of the adults 

When I checked in the morning, it rained throughout my walk, resulting in me being the only person about. It just shows what a difference the lack of disturbance makes. This group of gulls, including an adult and a first summer Mediterranean gull were resting on what was left of Red Nab, directly below the sea wall, panning out reveals the location and a line of plastic flotsam!

Common Tern 2 probably 3
In the morning there were two on No.2 outflow and one seen on No.1, but possibly one had temporarily moved across. In the afternoon single birds were seen on both outflows.

Kevin's shots of this afternoon's Common Tern on No.1 outflow

It was a bit duller when I took this clip in the morning

You don't really associate Greenfinches with crashing waves! This male was taking advantage of the natural content of the flotsam.

Nature Park
Janet took these shots of some of the butterflies
Worn Ringlet

Male Gatekeeper

Comma - the tiny white "question mark" on its underwing is 
the "comma" that its name refers to.

Red Admiral 

Meadow Brown

Small White

Finally this classic moth from Kevin's trap
Garden Tiger