Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Water off a duck's back!

It's hard to imagine two days more different than yesterday and today. Yesterday almost no wind and wall to wall sunshine, after the mist. Today, strong SE winds, almost constant rain with some very heavy showers.

Only my records so far, and I wouldn't expect anyone else to have been around (MD).

Ocean Edge/Red Nab - mid morning
Rock Pipit 3
Wheatear 2
Linnet c15
Little Egret 6
Wigeon 17

Middleton Nature Reserve - early evening
Mute 2 adult plus 3 cygnet + 1 adult with 1 cygnet
Coot 5
Moorhen 5
Little Grebe both the summer plumage and the winter plumage birds
Gadwall 2

Teal 4

This time last year the hawthorn bushes were laden with a bumper crop of berries. This year they are very sparse, some bushes have none at all. I expect that the winter thrushes will not linger as long as they did last year.