Thursday, 29 July 2021

Waifless and strayless

The strong WSW wind continued through the night and didn't start easing till lunchtime. Showers all day some very heavy.

There was a chance that the wind may have blown in some waifs and strays, and possibly it did, but none were seen/reported.

South shore,
Three quick checks today, trying to dodge the showers
Rock Pipits 5 - one on foreshore, two on Red Nab and two near the waterfall. One flew off leaving this one looking very much like a recent fledgling. So hopefully the waterfall pair have at least one young (it is thought the nest site is within the Fishers complex).
Probable fledging Rock Pipit (MD)

Whimbrel 3 - some seen/heard on each visit 3 was the highlight single sighting 

Mediterranean gull 6 - the beach next to wooden jetty had four adult including one with a white ring at low water. Four adult plus a juvenile arrived as the beach became exposed in the evening, no white ringed bird so at least 5 adult over the two checks. 
There are regularly two or three in the corner near the outflow, I had presumed that they were just resting, but in this clip the bird on the left catches a sand mason worm, it then defends its patch by seeing of the other adult when it came too close. The juvenile is also in this clip.

I can empathise with this clip, wading into the water, not looking where you are going, and falling into a drain - still, being able to fly off, as if nothing had happened, is an advantage.

The combination of hot and wet weather this year, has obviously suited the flora (mainly Unscented Mayweed, Ragwort and Dyers Rocket) along the top of the harbour wall. This stretch is usually mainly bare, with just a few tufts of vegetation. It's a shame there have not been more hot days with east wind to draw the insects in, these flowers would have undoubtedly both help attract and retain any. Still time for suitable opportunities.
A view from the waterfall looking back to the lighthouse 
The lighthouse looks pristine in the above shot, it is just being painted. Unfortunately the rain has curtailed activity.
A before and after view of the lighthouse