Tuesday 8 May 2012

No north or east in the wind, no terns

Heysham Obs
Work is going to really downsize the coverage this spring from now onwards with quite a few early morning 'away days' in the next fortnight.  Help with coverage greatly appreciated, and probably the best chance of picking something up is to check the tide about 3 hrs before high tide as the sandbanks start to be covered.  Skua passage is hard work (some would say not worth the time spent!), but there have been some really good days over the years, especially if there is a mixture of sunshine and showers off a south-westerly or during easterly winds

Sea/reading the paper 0755-0835
Arctic Skua - dark morph blogging in the Kent channel - last seen heading 'in' low at 0820hrs
Red-throated Diver - one distantly out
Swallow - 6 NE
Goldfinch - 2 NE
No terns

Ocean Edge/finishing reading the paper 1200ish
Wheatear - 2 'greenland' males
No waders on beach

No moths for the fourth consecutive morning!