Friday 13 March 2020

Change in weather

Calm and sunny for much of today, resulted in a bit of local blogging (MD).. Hopefully more later.

Little gull 1 1st Winter on No.2 outflow (ref KE)
Rock pipit 1 being territorial below Heysham Head high cliffs
Kott c3,000 on heliport wall, but static in the calm conditions plus our main ring readers not available today.

Raven 1 circling Middleton Nature reserve, and unusually, not being hounded by the local Carrion crows.

Buzzard 2 again, unusually, not significantly mobbed by resident birds circling the east side of Middleton Nature Reserve "mewing" all the time. They eventually landed in the highest trees between the reserve and the recycling centre.

Pinkfoot 74 + 2 west 16:10.