Saturday 14 July 2018

The mythical Wall Brown reappears

Thanks Malcolm - all four Rock Pipit somewhere here

Whimbrel - 1 inshore
Curlew - 304 Red Nab
Med Gull - 11 x ad, 2 x 2CY Red Nab

Reed Warbler juv ringed next to office

Humming Bird Hawk-moth and Wall brown photographed on buddleia at southern end of landscape strip - where it meets the egress route

Interesting day - Friday posting

A heron emerged from the reedbed area just before dusk and gave a prolonged view of flight silhoeuttte before heading south east.   Once it had sorted itself out in level flight any worries about the initial ‘take-off’ views were dissipated and it was clearly a bittern for the observer with optics, not a possible night heron.   Always have optics at hand even though you are set up to deal with a swallow catch as rapidly as possible before dusk!

Dead harbour porpoise in harbour

Only c35 swallow this evening -21 ringed

Sand Martin - one juvenile ringed

The two rock pipit young were still being fed by one parent with the other fairly close by but ignoring them.   Still giving food begging calls!