Thursday, 8 February 2018

Ice and rain

Horrible day!

Quick check for the Iceland Gull saw it in the SW corner area of the harbour but not on the waterfall

No obvious sign of the Chough in the first two fields or the sheepfields or indeed the horse paddock but visibility prevented a quick scan of the whole southern section of coastal grassland from the Near Naze

Couldn't see the shore where the Brents hang out from Knowlys due to rain and murk

Launderette pick up, fuel and home!

No reports from anyone else

Help with coverage please this next three days as at least two of us are out of action.  Thanks.  
Please use RBA text at 07520634324 to report the 'big four' local pager qualifiers: Chough, Brents, Shag and Iceland.  Thanks.

Worth checking behind/above midday IOM ferry for Glaucous long-shot although it seems to have moved on.  Always worth checking the low tide channels if visibility/sea conditions allow