Thursday, 10 November 2016

Kittiwakes and golden plovers headline

What was shaping into a watching paint drying circuit livened up a bit as the Isle of Man ferry appeared.   It seemed to have dragged in a tight flock of 26 kittiwake which continued into the bay. Almost immediately afterwards, a flock of nine golden plover gained height and seemed to go inland over the barrows.   Odd?  Perhaps spooked by a peregrine further south on the lune estuary

Inshore sightings
Kittiwake -see above
Golden plover - see above
Med gull - adult

North wall
5 linnet and 6 goldfinch (just one ringed) on seed and a bizarre encounter with two birders surveying the heliport for passerines!   More surveyors than birds!!  One meadow pipit at the south end.