Sunday 13 September 2020

More good birder coverage = more good birds. But it wasn't easy.

 A third day of reasonably strong southwesterlies, easing off by evening. Mainly overcast.

Five birders located at strategic points along the observatory area's seaward range (Shaun Cole, Pete Crooks, Pete Marsh, Bill Martin and Nick Godden). This following aggregate of sightings looks impressive, but the birds were thin on the sea and took some locating.

Leach's Storm-Petrel 3 - (08:00, 09:25 and 11:10)
Manx Shearwater 1
Gannet 1 adult
Razorbill 1
Guillemot 1
Sandwich Tern 1
Red-Throated Diver 1
Black-Throated Diver - At 12:54 a probable Bk throated diver flew out then landed by yellow buoys.
Mediterranean gull - Some seen by most observers, comprising at least 14 adult/2cy plus 8 juveniles
There were 10 waiting to feed as the beach next to wooden jetty Became exposed. 
The pinkish bit in the foreground is the sea wall.

Later the Numbers increased to 14 adult/2cy plus 1 juvenile. If my assessment of recent trends is to be believed, the next three to four days should see an increase in feeding activity here (MD)