Wednesday 21 February 2024

A day of two halves

It rained all morning with a SE wind. Then after lunch the wind shifted to the SW, the clouds cleared and the sun shone.

South shore 
I managed a wet walk along the sea wall in the morning around high water. Then another, more pleasant, walk in the afternoon sun (Malcolm)
Pale-bellied Brent goose 20 at least feeding on Red Nab at high water.
Wigeon 180
Eider 3 out from the harbour mouth in the afternoon 
Bar-Tailed Godwit 5 on waterline next to wooden jetty (afternoon)
Redshank 250 - this group was trying to rest along the sloping wall. It is only a quarter of what there had been, plus there was another group on Red Nab.

Shag 2 - in the morning there was just the one in the harbour, the one we have been calling a subadult.
But today it revealed the beginning of a tuft which is part of adult breeding plumage.
Subadult no more
The tuft was helped by the wind behind it, although it still remained upright when it faced the wind. Sorry about the shaky nature of this clip, but the wind was quite strong at this point.

In the afternoon it was joined by the metal ringed first winter bird.
It rested a while on the furthest platform. Unfortunately, my camera and/or me wasn't
good enough to pick out the characters. Particularly frustrating as the section of the
 ring showing would include the vital missing two characters! 

In this clip it has a good look around without bothering to move anything but its neck.

It then flew down and joined the adult feeding by the waterfall.

Adult and 1st winter Shag plus a Cormorant 

Rock Pipit 5 at least - 2 along foreshore, 1 Red Nab, 1 sea wall and at least 1 lighthouse 
Weasel 1 near foreshore slipway

Nature Park 
Goldcrest 1 at least in the afternoon sun