Friday 26 March 2021

Plenty of Chiffchaff and a belated Comma

The quite fresh SW wind continues, the sea is already quite well developed and the winds are forecast to be much stronger overnight. Rain early on stopped by mid morning, after that plenty of sunshine with the odd shower.

South shore
Chiffchaff  2 singing in the wooded area behind Red Nab 08:15
Wheatear at least 3. One on Red Nab at 08:30, but not at 09:30. One in the corner of foreshore at 09:45 and 10:15 (same bird) and another on Red Nab 10:30. Kevin saw two on Red Nab at lunchtime, one of these had brownish wings, not the clean black of the morning birds, so definitely at least one additional bird.
This is the slipway Wheatear showing tail detail
This one on the rocks (concrete) just south of Red Nab
Rock Pipits 3 (Red Nab, Lighthouse and Waterfall)
Shelduck 27
Wigeon 16
Grey Plover 1, presumably the lame bird, resting on the saltmarsh 
Jack Snipe 1. This was at high water, but today's tide of 8.4m isn't enough to cover the marsh. I accidentally flushed it, but it was on the track around the saltmarsh, where ground water is seeping through. But the tides are rising quickly now, Sunday (9.6m) should be high enough, then more or less all next week.
This is Fishers building in the inner harbour. Its roof was extensively used by
gulls for roosting and nesting. I say "was" as the roof and wall panels are no more.
I don't know if the whole building is to be dismantled or if the panels are to be replaced.
Watch this space, perhaps literally!

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Mute swan 9 on the main pond including 3 juvenile, plus two nesting pairs on other ponds.
The aggressive male has cleared the "no swimming" pond of everything except a Moorhen.
It came over to challenge me, so I took this shot of his ring 4BAT (I've got his number now! MD)
No Coot seen today
Moorhen just 3 individuals seen
Mallard 3
Common Snipe 1

Chiffchaff at least 6
Goldcrest at least 1

This over wintering Comma is actually from Wednesday.
Kevin saw it along the dog walk path.