Wednesday 12 July 2023

More juvenile Meds arrive

 A fresh west wind, mainly overcast with occasional heavy showers. Some sunny spells by evening.

South shore
Shaun checked early morning when the tide was still quite high: 
22 Mediterranean gulls: 8 adults, 4 2nd summer's, 6 1st summer's and 4 juvenile.
Adult with white darvic on left leg + adult with yellow darvic on right leg. 
Common Tern feeding on outfalls.

I went down to watch the beach next to the wooden jetty become exposed (MD). Hoping to see the yellow darvic adult. But the only ringed bird to feed there this morning was LCG. This is it catching a Sandmason worm.

The worms are quite long. This is just the tail end.
In total 10 adult, 2 first summer and 2 second summer arrived to feed here. 2 juvenile were seen along the sea wall.
Adult Mediterranean gull, arriving to feed

I checked again in the evening towards high water. We are back to neap tides again and the Mediterranean gulls were spread out  between the saltmarsh and Red Nab. At least 24 adult (possibly some of these 2nd summer), 8 1st summer, 3 2nd summer, 2 juvenile. So minimum number 37.
Most were either sheltering from the wind behind rocks or squatting on the dry mud, so very few legs were on show. I eventually located two white ringed adults, but both already read this year.
Two juvenile Mediterranean gulls

Curlew 150+
Redshank 1
Little Egret 5
Rock Pipit 2

Nature Park 
This Young Chaffinch had just been given a largish yellow seed by Mum. Probably one left by the several visitors who leave food for the birds. It seems to struggle with it, but eventually manages to eat it.

One of two young Robin, also waiting to be fed