Sunday, 7 June 2020

Local stuff provides the entertainment, plus news of a wanderer

Light breeze mainly from north and east. Generally overcast.

The "wanderer" is a colour ringed Little Egret seen on Red Nab by Shaun in November. Not from the usual source, but a recent colony
   Colour rings - Left leg LAON(A).  Right leg RANW(U).  Ring number  GV75204  

Age   Date Time          Location                        Observer                Duration,  distance

1   22/05/18 14:00   Rossmere Park, Hartlepool    Eric Wood

3   22/06/18 00:00   Rossmere Park, Hartlepool    Unknown       31 days, 0 kilometres,

3   05/07/18 00:00    Rossmere Park, Hartlepool   Unknown        44 days, 0 kilometres,

3   19/07/18 00:00    Dorman's Pool, Teeside        Unknown        58 days, 6 kilometres,

4   03/11/19 00:00    Red Nab, Heysham             Shaun Coyle   530 days, 130 kilometres, 

4   22/01/20 00:00   Old Moor RSPB Reserve    Jeff Wragg       610 days, 126 kilometres,

4   21/03/20 00:00   Old Moor RSPB Reserve    Gerald Lax      669 days, 126 kilometres,

4   22/03/20 00:00   Old Moor RSPB Reserve    Gerald Lax      670 days, 126 kilometres,

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid morning
The warblers seemed to be singing with renewed vigour, with the exceptions of Sedge warbler, just a few half hearted bursts. Grasshopper warbler - not heard.

Common Whitethroat 

Lesser Whitethroat

These recently fledged Long-tailed tits were waiting to be fed
The food arrives 
I know the birders will be aware of this, but for those who are not - the bird bringing food may not be the young ones parent. Long-tailed tits regularly help to feed other birds young, if they have no young of their own. But they are likely to be closely related. (MD)

Kevin was experimenting with his new pocket camera and got some nice pictures, including these damselfly.
Common Bluetail - probably female C type (MD)

Pair of Common Blue

Remember when I said whereever you are on the reserve, you are likely to be being watched by a Roe deer.......
I think this fine buck was checking that I wasn't a rival. I backed away and he lost interest.