Thursday, 30 May 2019

Windy warm south-westerly

First of all a decent ringing recovery after Craig was alerted about a local colour ringed Grey Wagtail.  Fortunately that means on territory at this time of year and a few mealworms borrowed from an angler produced these excellent pics:

These are nesting at Crawshawbooth, Rossendale (SD8125) and this is the first time this adult male has used this territory which might be rather surprising, given its age.  One assumes it has been nesting at least nearby during the interim

Z835266   1stCYM  Middleton NR     0800      20/9/15
Breeding male: Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, Lancs SD810255 documented 29/5/19  51.7km SE

It might seem surprising that a bird first recorded on 1CY vis mig on a seeming NW to SE heading over Morecambe Bay should originate or subsequently breed to the east or south-east of Heysham/Middleton.  However, the only already-ringed bird was a Roeburndale pullus and subsequent breeding season territories have been in Upper Hindburndale, Marbury Country Park, Cheshire and now this  

Todays action on the sea didn't seem up to much to begin with given a lighter wind and more southerly direction than hoped for but it livened up as the wind went fractionally round to the SW and increased 
0730 on and off to 1030
Manx Shearwater - c31
Gannet - c15
Razorbill/Guillemot - 11
Arctic Skua - one dark morph in c1015
Manx Shearwater - 1
Gannet - 1
Razorbill - two flocks of four out in quick succession

Guillemot - long staying 2CY in harbour

Rock Pipit - end of the road as regards the nest-site and no sign of any surviving young with adult(s) not behaving territorially

Shaded Pug the best of a small catch



2CY Guillemot still in harbour