Sunday, 25 October 2020

Kittiwake surprise

It started off much like yesterday with heavy showers, but the gaps between them increased with more sunshine. By afternoon it was mainly sunshine. The wind was quite fresh initially south then SW.

Rock Pipit two on the saltmarsh 

Pete and Jean checked the low water channels, not a lot around on these neap tides but an unexpected flock of 7 adult Kittiwake "flew out for a blog".
Eider 17
Great Crested grebe 5

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid afternoon (MD)
It was good to have the sun on my back, makes a change from driving rain!
Mute status unchanged, the solitary cygnet is being fed by visitors.
Gadwall 27
Shoveller 3
At least one of these birds is different to yesterday. Then 1 male + 2 female type. Today 2 male + 1 female type.

Little Grebe 2 on "no swimming" pond
This one in winter plumage (possibly first winter)

This one, with Shoveller, Gadwall and Coot,
 in fading summer plumage.

This is the sp Little Grebe taking flight.
Not easy with such a dumpy frame!
Water Rail 1 calling
Chiffchaff 1 calling
Thrushes - not a lot, probably no more than 20 off passage. Only Blackbird and Redwing seen.
Redwing feeding on the relatively sparse hawthorn berries this year