Wednesday, 18 March 2020

General update

Possibly more later (MD).

First the logistics.
Unfortunately, but totally understandably, access to Heysham Nature Reserve office is now restricted to key personnel for vital duties only. There will be no coordinated birding activity for the foreseeable future. This means no ringing or visible migration sessions. The only records will be casual observations, so please report any sightings.

Recent records:
Rock pipits - two together below high cliffs at Heysham Head - two regularly seen at, or between, Red Nab and Ocean Edge saltmarsh, two, possibly the same two regularly near south wall lighthouse.
Meadow pipits - a gentle trickle north some mornings (eg 10 per hour yesterday)
Wheatear - none seen or reported yet, but probably missed.
Brent geese - no reports since Thursday.
Stonechat (today) - a male and female feeding together on Heysham Head. Another male on Middleton Nature Reserve. Strangely, no records recently from the road to the recycling centre.
Blackcap - the male that over wintered in my garden has been feeding frantically on fat balls for the past two days. This morning it was singing, very nice to hear. Previous (or same) over wintering males have provided a bout of song just before leaving (so long, and thanks for all the fat). No sign of the bird this afternoon.
Grey Wagtail - three on Middleton Nature Reserve today, including two feeding together.
The lower bird is one of the colour ringed scheme (see right), details submitted.