Monday 25 December 2023

Knot Christmas

A largely overcast day with showers in the morning. The west wind continues 

South shore (MD. KE)
I had a walk along the sea wall on the morning flood tide, Kevin checked later on the ebb. No sign or reports of the Ibis or Shag today.
Pale-Bellied Brent goose 18 left Red Nab towards high water, 16 had returned on the ebb, of which 11 flew towards the north side. These are two adult and three youngsters.
Wigeon c200
These are a few of the Wigeon, plus the Brent towards high water.

Kittiwake 1 adult, patrolling the sea wall towards high water still feeding on No.2 outflow later.


The only birds on the platform in the harbour this morning were these four Cormorants.
Looking like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or at least the four horses.

Imperial Rd (MD)
Again just really checking if the Ibis was around, no sign but all the regulars were on show.
Buzzard 1

Raven 1 calling from the top of the pylon nearest the roundabout 

Roe Deer 2 - looked to be the male and female youngsters filmed 19/12. Unfortunately, they saw me today, and I only managed a couple of shots of the male.

Male Roe Deer

Today's title is a bit spurious. Howard provides some lovely shots and clips over the year and I have kept some back, anticipating that they would embellish the post over the Christmas period, when other coverage is minimal. This clip from earlier this month is some of the Knot below the Heliport wall on the rising tide.