Sunday, 1 March 2020

Chiffchaff shows itself

A probable Chiffchaff was heard giving single calls on two occasions last week (per JR) and this morning saw it giving a series of calls and showing itself by Heysham NR office

Little Gull - ad with damaged wing on outfalls this am (MD) and a 1st W was heading south along the tideline off Knowlys Road late am (PC). By high water both of yesterday's adult and a 1st W were on No.2 outflow (MD)

The midday IOM ferry managed to miss the north roundhead as it struggled round the corner and behind it were a welcome adult Med Gull and eight adult Kittiwake, five of which continued into the Bay

A Great Skua flew into the Bay as seen from Morecambe Stone Jetty at 0805 (Juvenile Pomarine Skua off Ocean Edge on 23/2)

Stonechat 1 on Ocean Edge saltmarsh

These two Bar-Tailed Godwit had been feeding in the soft mud between the wooden jetty and No.1 outflow, till overtaken by the tide. Probably not visible on the blog resolution, but if you open this image in "a new tab". You'll see the bird on the left appearing to fire a water jet from its bill. Having a mouth wash, or just having "fun" - it certainly looks fun! (MD)