Monday, 14 October 2013

Slightly better west coast scraps and a message from Skokholm

Heysham Obs
A few interesting things happened this morning and we haven't really given the site any legwork coverage as yet (will have to be after work).  The best was a text message from Skokholm to say they had today seen and photographed a Grey Wagtail we ringed here on 4th October - virtually our last passage bird of the autumn.  Simplistically pushed west by the easterlies?  Thanks to Skokholm for contacting us promptly and a pic will be on their blogsite this evening.  Reminds me of one of my most embarrassing birding moments.  I was on Cape Clear many years ago checking mist nets in Cotters and a really nice elderly gentleman asked if he could do some ringing.  I asked if he had a ringing permit.  He then introduced himself.  Ronald Lockley.  I doubt if he had ever been asked that question before! Ooops.  If anyone from Skokholm is reading this, please could you tell me how to get in touch on line - couldn't find any 'comment' option on the blogsite or a contact email! 

Vis Mig dawnish to 1000hrs (thrushes north, rest south unless indicated)
Crossbill - four circled over the office then headed north-west at 0830 (cam from SE?)
Yellowhammer - two identical silhouettes headed south at 0820 and the only call was this species.  I think this may be the first non-singleton for here of what is a scarcity on a par with black reds and yellow-brows.
Redwing - 142
alba Wagtail - 9
Meadow Pipit - 18
Chaffinch - 127
Goldfinch - 16
Siskin- two separate 'heard'
Mistle Thrush - 2
Bullfinch - 2

Redwing - only about 30 grounded at dawn - flew inland in half-light
Blackbird - very few - c6
Song Thrush - 8 - all flew inland
Goldcrest - 3 by office early on

Outfalls/Red Nab
Arctic Tern - juvenile flew in from out to sea at height & landed on Red Nab at 0900hrs
Med Gull - 4 Red Nab
Shelduck - 244
Wigeon - 68

Middleton late afternoon 'thrash' -western end only
Ring Ouzel - presumably the same female/imm seen twice (in different areas) within the scrub on the high part
Chiffchaff - minimum of 6, 4 with tit flock
Goldcrest - at least 5
Blackcap - female
Didn't cover the duck ponds

Thrush at Heysham Harbour