Saturday, 25 February 2017

Seagull perseverance pays off

Inspired by Bill Aspin's latest Fishmoor video, decided to head off in the awful weather for a big seagull trawl of Heysham

Almost the first bird seen on the long range scope views (especially through rather a lot of rain) was a 2CY Iceland Gull.  It was not very settled however in the wet and windy conditions and repositioned itself several times before flipping over to the other side of the roof.  This is awkward to see but you can get very good views if you get the geometry right.  Jean managed this from the catwalk near the harbour waterfall before it slumped down showing only upperparts and head.  This was enough to confirm a not atypical late winter 'washed out' 2CY with a dark iris

Awful phonescope record shots into the wind and rain; one here:

 The model boat pond held 8 Gadwall (4 pairs) and 5 Tufted Duck