Sunday 11 February 2024

Not so much today (if you can call a Shag and a Glossy Ibis "not much"!)

A clear sunny morning, overcast with light showers in the afternoon. A light west breeze

Pale-bellied Brent goose 26 - No sign of any Brent geese  on both the north and south side feeding areas when you would normally expect them. But 26 flew past the Heliport and ended up at Potts Corner.

South shore 
Red-throated diver 1 distant on incoming tide (Pete)
Shag 1 at least on the wooden jetty towards high water.
Cormorant 55 on the wooden jetty including a ringed bird that was unfortunately too distant to read.
I originally thought this to be a red ring (Malcolm), but my pictures suggest orange

Rock Pipit 5 at least- one each near the waterfall, the lighthouse and Red Nab. Two on the saltmarsh 

There were at least two on Red Nab when Janet checked later

Wigeon feeding right up to the shoreline at the saltmarsh 

Reed Bunting 1 at the saltmarsh 

Imperial Rd 
These shots by Edward Wilkinson this morning

Male Greenfinch


Just out of the recording area - Middleton Parish Hall
Both the Glossy Ibis and the Green Sandpiper were feeding in the horse paddock and adjacent field, when Pete and Jean checked this morning.
These shots, also from this morning, by Edward Wilkinson provide some nice plumage detail