Monday 19 April 2021

Still plenty of Sandwich passing through

Again, almost breathless early on, eventually it freshened slightly from the west. Hazy first thing then largely sunny.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Ringing report from Jean:
A bit better for ringing today:
Lesser Redpoll 11
Willow Warbler 7 new and a returning bird from last year (
There were at least 20 migrant Willow warbler around first thing)
Chiffchaff 1
Sedge Warbler 1 retrap
Blackcap 1

2 Canada Geese flew east, probably the same 2 that came in-off.
Just 2 Meadow Pipits heard overhead
A few Swallows heard at 10:45

A short early afternoon walk located, in order of abundance:
Willow warbler several
Blackcap 3 - 4
Chiffchaff 3 - 4
Sedge warbler 1
No Cetti's heard this afternoon 
This Common Buzzard drifted in from the NW, but was quickly chased off
by the Carrion Crows.
Peacock several
Small Tortoiseshell several 
Speckled Wood at least 6
Orange Tip one each, male and female
Brimstone 1 male
Comma 1

This Mallard on the "no swimming" pond has just hatched 11 chicks. Last year's female had 9 and did very well fledging them all, particularly as she was constantly chased from one pond to the other by the breeding mute. Today at least, the mute were ignoring her and her chicks, and they were spread right across the pond. As with most large families, there is always one tearaway!

North shore
Pete checked the distant channels from the north wall 07:55 - 08:30. Leaving me to check the inshore stuff from my walk along the water line 07:20 - 09:45 (MD)
No Arctic Tern seen
Red-Throated Diver 3 drifting out with the tide
Guillemot 2 feeding
Canada Goose 2 came in off and flew over the mud towards Half Moon Bay cafe 07:45 - presumably the same two subsequently seen flying over Middleton Nature Reserve. 5 more flew south 08:45
The two Canada geese flying over the mud heading towards Middleton 
Greylag goose 1 flying south 08:40
Greylag goose

Sandwich Tern - c35 at Kent channel and beyond range. Closer in it was difficult as many were feeding and resting as well as moving through, but at least 30 birds involved. So c65 total.
This one has caught a fish
This is one third of a second later - one gulp and it's down!

This is a second  calendar year bird showing its worn tail feathers

Several birds had a rest on the mud, I think at least one of these two was thinking about "starting a family".