Thursday, 14 May 2009

A black and white lunchtime

..........following more early morning rubbish for a suffering Jean (see yesterday, the day before, the day before.........). Why there were no Spotted Flycatchers seen/caught is beyond comprehension e.g. 20 at nearby Walney.

Ocean Edge foreshore 1215-1245, then north wall to 1310
Black tern - 6 - one on Heysham one outfall, the rest south of Heysham 2 along the channel
Arctic tern - 47 as above
Wheatear - one
Swallow - 26 NE
House martin - 1 NE

A few migrants including Blackcap, Sedge, Garden and two female Willow Warblers but no Spotted Flycatchers!

Large White - 7 north along the seawall and at least 5 others seemingly heading north at more inland locations

Black tern briefly on Tewitfield fisheries this afternoon