Tuesday 6 March 2018

Migrant scoter flock

Nothing today to show much happening with Middleton disappointing for Malcolm.  NNEW Shag or Iceland Gull - not searched for by locals today

Middleton NR
Pochard - 1
Gadwall - 18
Teal -  less than 10
<10 p="">Water Rail - 1
unringed Grey Wagtail
No Cetti's - (PM checked as well)

Half moon bay area
Chough in second field

Heliport mown today

Stonechat - male in first field 1/2 moon Bay

Knowlys Rd VP at start of tide c1000
Velvet Scoter - drake slightly apart from and further out than Eider - one wingflap (but did NOT float in with Eider past SJ)
Common Scoter - tightly packed flock of 28 seemed to be mostly males
Eider - 620
RB Merganser - 5
Great-crested Grebe - 3