Tuesday 12 March 2013

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Heysham Obs
The 3CY Med returned for a short period at high tide, along with a 'new' adult female.  Hardly anything was singing and even the Twite were quieter than usual at this time of year.  A trilling call sounding like an overflying Snow Bunting was heard during a mid-morning visit by Jean, but no bird could be located in the bright sunlight

North harbour wall
Twite - at least 91
Med Gull - The now darvic-ringed 3CY returned for a short period before being seen later in the afternoon around Morecamhbe old lifeboat station by Snow Bunting watchers, along with a 'new' adult female - the wintering adult female had a more advanced summer plumage on the head.  These are the first Med sightings since the 3CY was ringed
Goldfinch - one on seed
Red-throated Diver - despite the good visibility, just the one seen on the dropping tide

Heysham NR
Meadow Pipit - one flew over heading north-east!
Goldfinch - influx of 10+ on to feeders