Friday 25 September 2020

Some Rock Pipit passage and an elderly Grey Wagtail

 Fresh NW strong breeze all day. A mixture of sunshine and light showers

News of a Grey Wagtail from colour ringed schemed (details on side bar to the right)
Ringed grey wag from  2014 seen at Twemlow Parade,  north Heysham today - 6 years old (national age record from Ringing is  7 years 1 month) - thanks to Bill Ashby

South Shore 
Mid morning
Wheatear at least 7 between Red Nab and Ocean Edge
Rock Pipit - as well as three, that appeared to be the long staying birds. There were two on passage seen on Ocean Edge foreshore, before flying off high to the east.
Quite a contrasting couple of birds
One quite a rich brown, the other paler and greyish.

The browner bird had a metal ring

Wheatear 8 located, but that included 1 from the lighthouse area, not checked this morning.
Rock Pipit 4 including one near lighthouse - all presumed to be the long staying birds
Grey Wagtail 1 juvenile on Red Nab
Kingfisher one briefly on Red Nab

Agility training!
These are two adult and four juvenile Lesser Black-Backed gulls.
The adult at the top has a portion of food

The food is released for the juvenile to catch in flight