Tuesday 26 October 2021

Not much today, but the SW wind is increasing.

The SW wind freshened all day and is forecast to get very strong overnight, unfortunately easing a bit by morning. The rain isn't looking promising for tomorrow though! More or less dry today after a wet start.

South Shore
Mediterranean gull - just a 2nd calendar year bird seen flying towards Red Nab on the rising tide
Lots of gulls on No.2 outflow, but all Black-Headed
Wigeon 93 were in the channel next to No.2 outflow. Later, these 60 were just out from the saltmarsh.

Heysham Head - high water 15:00
I didn't relocate the Stonechat, but it was very windy by that time.
Rock Pipit 1
There were 6 Greenfinch and 10 Turnstone feeding on the tideline.
Two of the Turnstone with three Greenfinch in the background 
The Greenfinch were a bit flighty, but the Turnstone ignored me!

Finally, the rock balancer has been busy again. These artworks are by nature ephemeral, but the tides are waning at the moment and this one was just beyond this afternoon's high water line. So it should be around for a week, if it holds out against tonight's strong winds. I thought this clip with the rough sea behind it, is a nice way of viewing it (MD).