Saturday, 27 June 2020

Complete change in the weather

Strong SW wind built up during the day. Heavy showers, but some sunshine. The wind is set to strengthen overnight and continue throughout tomorrow and Tuesday.

So far no reports of any seabirds

Middleton Nature Reserve - main pond early afternoon
Just a quick circuit between showers.
Darters - four seen in flight. It wasn't possible to confirm the species of any of them. But one flew to the middle of pond when flushed by a Reed Bunting. Too distant to follow or see colour.
Little Grebe 1 adult

Cetti's Warbler 1 - singing vigorously from a new area. The developing bushes between the SW corner of the main pond and the hedgerow before the footpath. Not heard one singing here before, possibly the "no swimming" bird extending its territory, or perhaps a new bird. Any records of further singing or calls from this area would be appreciated.

Hopefully more later.