Thursday 22 August 2013

Bonaparte's Gull

Heysham Obs
Apologies to birders this late morning for "sitting" on the Bonaparte's Gull as it was on the sea off the southern end of Ocean Edge.  I was oblivious to people on the seawall as I have a vehicle pass for the caravan site and my birding this morning was 10 minutes here and there amongst lots of other things.  I also forgot my mobile phone and missed a reasonable pic as a result.  I also assumed anyone dowwn there would have seen it. I certainly didn't expect the gulls to clear off to the south but there were some people splashing around on the water's edge 

It was on the sea off Ocean Edge with Black-headed Gulls late morning before presumably heading off towards Middleton. Might be worth checking Glasson Basin during these high tides.........

At least 5 juv Meds, 4 2CY Meds and 3 adult meds around but didn't see the Little Gull

A plague of Old Lady!  Yet another individual last night along with a good variety, but nothing unexpected except perhaps Poplar Hawk Moth which is very late