Wednesday 8 May 2019

East coast style fall

Thanks Dan

Worked Heysham with Dan this am with Malcolm out on the skeer.  Contact with Ian and our own observations saw that the weather was not conducive to sea passage into the Bay.  Plan B was a landbird search and the bits and bobs of isolated bushes were a productive starting point including Grasshopper Warblers lurking on both the South Qusy and North harbour wall.  One isolated buddliea along the north wall held at least three Willow Warbler (one cold coloured bird), grasshopper Warbler  and two Wheatear.  Unfortunately there was a mixup over who was available for ringing and it was impossible to get any real handle on eg Willow Warbler numbers

Coastal grounded
Willow Warbler - 10 plus
Wheatear - minimum 40 in gangs of up to nine
Whinchat - 3 (one Male)
Whitethroat - one heliport seawall
Garden warbler - one Heysham Head
Tree pipit - one in off
Grey Wagtail - late migrant in off
Arctic Tern - Singleton spiralling high and 10 in distantly

Knot - 1300
Dunlin - sev thousand south

Grey Seal - at least 5 (3 juvs)

 A few of today’s other birds from coastal coverage from Dan and Malcolm - thanks for these