Saturday 22 July 2023

Feeding Osprey and the Goosander lingers

 A light south wind. It rained pretty much all day, but it varied in intensity.

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
Just a brief call in to check on the Goosander, it was still on the main pond.
Goosander 1 juvenile - I got there just as it was swallowing a fish. By the time I'd got my camera out it was washing it down with a drink.

South shore (MD)
I managed to walk out along the wall while the rain wasn't too heavy.
Mediterranean gulls - just 5 seen on Red Nab
Rock Pipits 3 - 1 on foreshore and 2 on Red Nab
Osprey 1 it was near the end of No1 outflow. It had already caught a fish when I spotted it.
Originally I presumed it was a Bass, but it looks more likely to be a Grey Mullet

Pete spotted that it has a blue darvic ring on its right leg, but too distant to read.

Initially it was being harried by gulls, but it took that pretty much in its stride (the shadow around the edges of this clip is my hand keeping the rain off the lens).

But then a Peregrine Falcon started diving it, which wasn't so welcome! You only get a glimpse of the Peregrine as it drops through the frame at the end of this clip (watch in slow motion)

Peregrine diving, this is a still from the above clip
It was raining quite hard by this time and everything was greyed out beyond the buoys. The Osprey disappeared into the murk as it headed south, but it wasn't clear if it was actually planning to go in that direction or was just trying to get beyond the Peregrine's territory.