Monday 29 March 2021

Little Gull tops an otherwise, mediocre bill.

The strong SW wind continued till mid afternoon when it started to ease off. Largely dry with just a couple of showers.

Little gull 1 adult was out from the harbour mouth mid morning, in association with the dredger. Unfortunately, it disappeared after the dredger left to discharge its mud.
Nothing else reported from the sea.

Wheatear 3 males on Red Nab
Janet managed to get two of them on this shot. They had been bickering,
it looked to be about who could have the best  rock to shelter behind.

Rock pipits 6 (2 Half Moon Bay beach, 1 Red Nab, 1 sea wall, 1 lighthouse and 1 waterfall)
This is a slightly different angle of the lighthouse bird,
worth opening to see the detail.

Wigeon 8
Shelduck none seen
Red-breasted Merganser 3 on/around Red Nab

One of the two male Mergansers, sorting its feathers out

Yesterday I discussed flotsam, today jetsam gets a mention. Although at one level this is nothing to do with nature, things like this make me try to understand what's going (gone) on and understanding the nature of the sea is partially required (MD)
I was walking towards the low water line out from Half Moon Bay. In the distance, something was lumbering out of the water (Walrus was my first thought/hope!). Optics revealed it to be an old 40 gallon drum!

It has clearly rolled many miles in its time, the raised ridges that drums roll on are largely warn away.
It is also riddled with holes, many of which look like bullet holes. The hemp ropes tided to it are still
available, but are only used for specialist purposes these days
My first thought was that it had been rolling back and forth on the sea bed for many years,
but two things suggest that that is not the case. The hemp ropes were frayed, but they would
 have been much more frayed after years rolling about on the sea bed. But most telling,
no crustaceans. The inside and bottom at least would be covered in barnacles etc.

The final, strange thing is that there is no wear on the rope knots. The ropes must have been tied to drum after it was worn, or whatever was wearing the middle of the drum, didn't reach as far as the knots. Intriguing, I've said it before, but I do like a mystery!  I have two theories, neither provable. Unless someone out there knows something.